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It’s not always easy to continue learning on the path of an early childhood educator (ECE). We are so busy focusing on others that we often forget about ourselves. It’s time to change that! Pathways courses are created for the busy ECE. These self-paced, practical and fun online courses are designed for anyone who is passionate about supporting children and helping them become competent and capable citizens in our communities! I have worked with many specialists to bring you the latest and greatest in bridging the gap between research and theory to practical tips and tricks for the early childhood classroom and dayhome environments. There is no “on size fits all” when we are trying to understand children better and find strategies that work for each child. This is what we offer you! A variety of tips, tricks and strategies that we have found effective when working with children. Understanding the “Why” we do the things we do and how we can improve our teaching practices is all part of the ECE journey. The learning never stops with Pathways! Welcome and enjoy your journey of exploration and discovery on your own Pathway!

How do I start my own Pathways learning journey?


Select a program you are interested in.


Look through the courses in each program to see which topics interest you. Select the course of your choice. Courses do not need to be taken in order. Eg. If you like the topics covered in one course, you can start with that course! This is YOUR Pathway!


Purchase the course and let your Pathway begin! There is no time frame for completing each course. Do them at your own pace. Enjoy the journey!


Select a course you are interested in.


Look through the lessons in each course to see which topics interest you. Select the lesson of your choice. Lessons do not need to be taken in order. Eg. If you like the topics covered in lesson 3, you can start with lesson 3! This is YOUR Pathway!


Purchase the lesson and let your Pathway begin! There is no time frame for completing each lesson. Do them at your own pace. Enjoy the journey!

What's Included?

What's Included?

Pathways Programs

Supporting Children with Diverse Needs and Abilities

Registration Opens March 1, 2021

Children come in all shapes, sizes and abilities. Our role, as early childhood educators, is to understand the needs of each individual child, ensure that the environment we create supports children with all abilities and be the strong foundation in which children feel safe to explore the environment around them with confidence. This program is all about learning more about the developmental delays, impairments and disabilities children may have and understanding how to provide the supports they need to succeed. Each course focuses on different needs that young children may have.

Strategies to Support Children Communicate Their Needs & Emotions


Exploring Early Childhood Curriculum and Approaches to Learning





Supporting Play in Early Learning and Child Care Environments


The Essentials of Building Connections with Families & Community


Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practical Implementation



How long is each course?

Each course is about 3 hours in total. This is divided into small video sections, so you can watch in between your busy schedule or do it all at once with a warm beverage in hand!

Does each course have a certificate?

Absolutely! Each course includes video lessons, reflection handouts, resource downloads and certificates of participation.

Is there a deadline for completing the course?

No! You have lifetime access to your course and can complete them whenever you want! Need a refresher? You will have access to your courses even after you completed them – great for refreshers!

When are these courses?
Can I take them on the weekend?

These are self-paced courses so you can take them anytime!

Will I be able to apply for PD Funding (Alberta) for these courses?

We are in the process of getting these approved for PD funding…so we will let you know when they are!

I’m a level 1. What level do I need to be to take these courses??

No level required! These courses are available to anyone working with children – Levels 1, 2,  and 3; dayhome providers; parents and family members; students; volunteers and anyone interested in learning more about early learning and childcare!

How much are your courses?

Each course is on special right now for $45.00! (reg. $60.00)

When can I register for my course?

Our first Pathway course will be available in March 2021! The Inclusive Care Program will host our first course for supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. More will come soon! (I’m working on them!)

Do these courses qualify for official certification? E.g. Level 1 in Alberta?

Currently, no. BUT…this is my ultimate goal for these courses! The programs and courses are designed to eventually qualify for certification in Alberta, and I will working with the government to see how we can make this happen! I will keep you updated on when this happens!