Ready to Inspire Your Team to Success?!

Make professional learning development simple and convenient for your team and select one of our Team Workshops! Team  workshops are provided for childcare programs/centers or day home agencies and are customized to meet your team’s needs. Team workshops are designed for up to 20 participants, with additional fees for larger groups and reduced fees for smaller teams of 10 or less team members. Gather your team together for a fun session of learning and inspiration! All of our Team sessions include certificates of participation, reflection handouts and other resources that you and your team will love! We take PLAY seriously at Inspired Minds ECC, so all of our sessions are Play inspired! These are not your run-of-the-mill workshops where your team sits and listens. We encourage active participation in all our sessions to maximize learning and retention. So gather your water bottles and your energy as we collaborate, laugh, and learn together!

In-Person Team Workshops

These sessions are designed will ease in mind. Don’t go anywhere as we come to you! We bring the visuals, the materials, the paper and pens…and more…when you book an in-person team workshop with us! We engage your team with active learning activities, games and reflective discussions to get your team moving, thinking and having fun. Just let us know a date and time that works for you and we will see you there!

2 hour workshop:

$525.00+GST (includes 10-20 participants; each additional participant is $25.00+GST).
Reduced fee for smaller teams under 10 people. 

3 hour workshop:
$600.00+GST (includes 10- 20 participants; each additional participant is $30.00+GST).
Reduced fee for smaller teams under 10 people. 


Travel and mileage fees are added to in-person events for sessions outside the Edmonton and surrounding communities. 

Professional Learning Days

Professional Learning Days (PLDs) can be arranged for a whole day of training and learning for your team!  PLDs can accommodate any group size, small and large. Select 3 of our AMAZING workshops to fill your day.  Training hours for PLDs are between 5-6 hours (lunch not included). Just like our team workshops, we come to you! You and your team choose the topics you want! Our PLDs are great for weekend events or those amazing days that we book off during the week for professional development.  Connect with us to develop a training plan that works for you and your team!

$1400.00+GST (includes 10-20 participants; each additional participant is $70.00+GST).
Reduced fee for smaller teams under 10 people. 

Travel and mileage fees are added to in-person events for sessions outside the Edmonton and surrounding communities. 

Online Team Webinars

Team Webinars are exclusively for early childhood programs and their team.

Team Webinars include:

  • LIVE Interactive Online Sessions 
  • 2 hours including time for Q & A Discussion
  • Flexible dates and times
  • Registration Required
  • Certificates of Participation
  • Handouts & Resource Packages (downloadable)
  • Access to recorded webinars for program administration
  • Minimum 6 participants
  • 30 participants (each additional participant is $25.00)
  • Follow-Up Packages:
  • Team Webinar package includes (downloadable):
    • staff goal forms
    • team meeting discussion topics
    • follow up strategies & activity extensions

Fees: $500.00 (+GST) Flat Rate Fee

All Webinars are through Zoom.

Links to the webinar recording and the Certificate of Participation are emailed within 48 hours after the LIVE session. 

Workshop & Webinar Topics

At Inspired Minds ECC, we strive to provide your team with the professional development resources, services, support and the knowledge they need to continue their advocacy for young children and high-quality childcare programs.  All our workshops are hands-on, interactive workshops that provide practical strategies that go ‘Beyond the Basics’ and can be quickly and easily incorporated into your program.  Our workshops include strategies, hands on activities, and reflective discussions. Our workshops are geared towards adults working with children ages 6mo -12 years and are available in OSC focused format as well. Workshops & Webinars are 2-hours. All of our workshops can be extended to 3-hours to provide your team with a more detailed look into strategies, tools and in-depth reflective discussions. Online or in-person delivery available.

Workshops to Inspire Your Learning Journey

  • Adventures of Play: Exploring Risky Play
  • Beautiful Oopsies: Exploring the Creativity of Open-Ended Art Experiences
  • Brain Architecture Game: The Powerful Role of Positive Relationships with Young Children
  • Build It Up! Designing Creative Block Spaces
  • Building Stronger Team Together: Effective Team Communication in Early Child Care Programs (3 hours)
  • Caring Connections: Interactions that Matter
  • NEW! Curiosity and Wonder of Treasure Baskets: Infant and Toddler Play Explorations
  • Creating Magical Spaces: Inspiring Early Childhood Environments
  • DAP Trivia Time: Understanding Best Practices in Child Care
  • Finding Calm in the Chaos: Importance of Self Care for Early Childhood Educators
  • Inspiring Curiosity to Play: Creating Provocations to Play
  • Laughter and Learning with ABCs: Creating Joy through Language and Literacy Play Experiences
  • Let’s Be Friends: Bullying Awareness with SEL
  • Let’s Move! Including Movement & Active Play Everyday
  • Look at Me Grow! Celebrating Children’s Growth and Learning Through Children’s Journals, Stories and Portfolios
  • NEW! Managing Stress: Finding Balance at Work and in Life
  • Mighty Transitions: Discovering Transitions that Work
  • No Waiting! Get Them Shaking: Learning Effective Transition Strategies
  • Ooey Gooey Messy Fun! Designing Sensational Sensory Experiences
  • NEW! Redefining Circle Time: Moving Beyond Adult Directed Group Times with Young Children
  • Rocks and Sticks and Wonderful Things! Creative Outdoor Play Experiences for Young Children
  • Shake, Rattle and Roll! Creative Music and Movement Experiences for Young Children
  • NEW! Storytime Success: Creating Memories Through Storytelling
  • The Inner Child! Developing the Spiritual Well-Being of Every Child
  • The Magic of Loose Parts: Promoting Play with Loose Parts
  • The ME, The You, The We: Facilitating Social Emotional Learning
  • The World is a Stage! Inspiring Creativity through Dramatic Play
  • Tinkering and Toying with STEM: Exploration and Discovery Through STEM, STEAM & STREAM
  • We All Belong: Inclusive Practices in the Early Years
  • We Are Family! Building Stronger Connections with Families
  • What a Wonderful World: Creating Culturally Diverse Environments in Child Care
  • Where the Wild Things Are: Providing Active Supervision
  • Which Way to the Brain? Brain Smart Strategies to Support Early Learning and Development
… More Topics Available! Contact Tina for more information.

Understanding & Guiding Children's Behaviours Workshops

  • From Crying to Smiling: Understanding Children’s Behaviours
  • The Daily Struggle: Facilitating Conflict Resolution
  • Know No No’s: An Introduction to Understanding Positive Guidance (3 hours)
  • Know No No’s: Understanding Positive Guidance Strategies (6 hours) 

Emergent & Play-Based Curriculum Workshops

  • Unlocking the Magic of Emergent Curriculum: An Introduction to the Emergent Curriculum Approach (Also available in the extended version; 6 hours)
  • Observing Play with Intention: Enriching your Emergent Curriculum Approach
  • Playful Planning: Enriching your Emergent Curriculum Approach
  • Reflections of Playful Learning: Enriching your Emergent Curriculum Approach

Leadership & Management Workshops

Each Leadership & Management Workshop is 3 hours, done in 3 sessions (1 hour each session). These workshops are approved for Alberta PD Funding for Level 3. Please contact Alberta Pd Funding for exemptions. 

  • Leadership Through Connection: Practical Leadership and Coaching Strategies for Early Childhood Leaders 
  • Leading Your Team to Success: Collective Leadership for Early Childhood Leaders
  • Mentoring and Coaching Your Team to Success: Effective Coaching and Mentoring Practices for Early Childhood Leaders
  • Bringing the Village Together: Team Building Practices for Early Childhood Organizations (2 hours)
  • Leading with Advocacy: Professionalism and Ethics for Early Childhood Leaders
  • Building Positive Relationships with Families: Leadership Strategies to Enhance your Relationships with Families
  • Attracting & Retaining an All-Star Team: Proven Strategies that Work
  • HR Success for Child Care: Building Leading Edge HR Manuals for your Childcare Program
  • Managing Conflict with Your Team: Conflict Management Strategies for Leaders

Team Workshop & Coaching Packages Available!

Maximize your transfer of training with our follow-up on-site coaching packages. 

General Coaching Package

  • Includes 10 hours of  coaching
  • Investment: $750.00 (+workshop fee).

Premium Coaching Package

  • Includes 20 hours of  coaching
  • Investment: $1400.00 (+workshop fee).