UPDATE: 2021 Community Workshops are postponed until further notice

As we continue to work through this pandemic in 2021, I believe it’s important to continue to put your health and safety as a priority for all of my participants, programs and teams that join us for these events. Community workshops are scheduled to commence in 2021, so stay tuned for our calendar later this Fall! In the mean time, we are excited to announce we now offer ONLINE Community Webinars!
All of our online topics are available on our Webinar Topics page. Please check out our Events page to see what we have scheduled for this fall and winter. Stay healthy and happy!

What are Community Workshops?

Community Workshops are open to all centers, programs, day homes, early childhood professionals, parents and family members and individuals who have a desire to increase their knowledge on the latest trends and strategies in the early childhood field.  Community Workshops are usually during the weekday evening, but sometimes on a Saturday. Workshops topics vary each time!

Community workshops start at 6:30pm and are usually 2 hours, unless otherwise noted.

Where are Community Workshops?

Community Workshops focus on ‘community’ which means they are held in your community!  We currently have community workshops in St. Albert, Sherwood Park, West Edmonton, South Edmonton, Millwoods and North Edmonton. Childcare programs around the city host these workshops, which means you get to check out and be inspired by other childcare programs in your community and meet other childcare professionals in your community.  Talk about a great networking opportunity!

How do I Register for a Community Workshop?

Pre-registration is required for all our community workshops.  Registration for any of our community workshops is easy – Just click on the link to register! Registration closes 36 hours in advance.

How much do Community Workshops costs?

Community Workshops by Inspired Minds ECC are only:

$35 per person for our 2 hour workshops

$45 per person for our 3 hour workshops.

$100 per person for out 3-part series workshops (6 hours of PD) 

Community workshops require pre-payment at the time of booking.  Receipts will be issued at the time of payment.  On-site registration and payment is not available.

Group registration is available. 

All payments are non-refundable.

What about PD Funding?

Yes! Inspired Minds ECC Community Workshops are approved for professional development funding to eligible participants.

Level 1 (Child Development Assistants), Level 2 (Child Development Workers) and Level 3 (Child Development Supervisor) should complete supplementary Form B and submit it to Human Services, Child Development branch, http://www.humanservices.alberta.ca/family-community/child-care-providers-accreditation-funding.html 

How can I Host a Community Workshop?

Host centers are critical for community workshops!  Host centers are child care programs, or other community facilities, that volunteer their space for a community workshop. Host programs need to have enough space, table and chairs for up to 34 adults. A pre-site visit is conducted for all new host centers to ensure that there is enough space for our workshops as well as to go over any questions the host center may have. That’s all! Inspired Minds ECC does the rest! 

Set up time for community workshops is 60 minutes for most workshops and 90 minutes for Play Station workshops. Play Station workshops require additional space or an additional room for station set up.

As a thank you for hosting, we invite 4 of your team members to attend the community workshops you host for FREE! We encourage more team members to attend so everyone gets some ideas to ‘Bring-Back-to-the-Class’. All team members wishing to attend need to pre-register.

Requests to Host submissions are due by September 15.

Contact Tina and we will set up a time to discuss what you would like and when!  

Benefits of Hosting a Community Workshop with Inspired Minds ECC

  • Your team doesn’t need to go anywhere to be inspired, educated and motivated!
  • You choose the date & topic
  • Host centers can book up to 4 community workshops per year
  • Build on family connections by inviting families!
  • 4 FREE staff from your program receive guaranteed spots at the workshops you host