Welcome to our Protectors of Play Community

This is the place to be if you’re a passionate early childhood  educator or leader! Welcome to our Membership: Protectors of Play Community!!! 

This is not your everyday membership site. This is a community to be empowered; to discover play inspirations; to reflect on your own practices and pedagogy; and to continue on your own professional learning journey  (Can anyone shout FREE workshops and webinars!?). You are not alone on this journey! Being a Protector of Play connects you with like minded educators who value the image of the child and our profession as educators. This is our connection space! Our hub of learning! A space to inspire our mind, heart and body! Our Protectors of Play Community is meant to serve as a resource library, a learning adventure and a connection network! We all need to advocate together to ensure that the children and families we work with every day feel supported and connected. Children deserve high quality care and we aim to help you do exactly that. Be inspired!  This is what happens in the Protectors of Play Community! We promote a culture of community, connection and play. You become a “Protector of Play!” 

We understand that everyone has different needs and are looking for different things to help them on their journey of learning and growth as an early childhood educator! Whether you’re brand new in our field (welcome to the best career in the world!), have 20+ years experiences, a day home educator, a student, an ECE leader, owner or director…we have something for each of you.  That’s why we have come up with two different types of membership: Classic and VIP Gold. Find your match and join our community! 

Our voices are stronger when we feel empowered! When we feel connected! When we have a toolbelt full of tools, resources and play inspiration ideas to promote play and help children thrive. The Protectors of Play Community has all the support networks, resources and continuous learning opportunities for any path of the early childhood educator. Join me as we develop our super powers by being “Protectors of Play!” It starts with YOU! Let us inspire YOU! Let us support YOU! Let us help you re-ignite your passion. 

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!” 

                                                                                  ~ Helen Keller

What's included in your Membership?

We all want to find our tribe, feel connected and get value for our dollar, and Inspired Minds ECC strives to give you value and quality when you become a member of our Protectors of Play Community. This is why we have decided to offer 2 choices of membership:

  • Classic
  • VIP Gold
Each membership option connects you to like minded individuals who are passionate and believe in the image of the child and strive to provide an environment that supports our vision. The vision begins with YOU and we are here to support YOU on your journey and help you share your story. 

We will add extra resources every month, no matter which membership option you select! From FREE webinars to activity downloads, inspiring blog posts, Top Tips and Inspirations, educator resources, and more. Every month, you will find something new! It’s a never-ending resource that stays up-to-date on current research and ELCC practices!


Become a 'Protector of Play' Member Today!

Choose a membership package that works for YOU!


Our Budget Conscious Membership
FREE Monthly
  • Play Inspirations and Educator Resources
  • Inspired Minds Book Club
  • Childcare Inspirations Podcasts
  • ELCC Resources & Links
  • ECE & Children's Library
  • Wellness & Self Care for Educators
  • Social Media Connections
  • Early Registration to Inspired Minds ECC Events

VIP Gold

Continuous Learning Membership
$ 28
  • Everything included in our VIP Classic Membership PLUS...
  • FREE Activity Card Downloads
  • VIP Only Professional Learning Network
  • EXCLUSIVE Access 'Chalk Talks' Mini Webinars
  • EXCLUSIVE Access 'Center Stage' Sessions with Guest Speakers
  • Free Access to our Pathways E-Workshops (COMING SOON!)
  • 15% discount to our LIVE Community Online Webinars
  • 15% discount to our Community In-Person Workshops
  • 15% discount to our Conferences & Events
  • Discounts from a variety of community resources & services
  • 15% Discount on Annual Memberships
Prefer a yearly membership? Select this one time annual payment and receive a 15% discount!

Our community members get access to everything a "Protector of Play"
could need! Here's a sample of what our members will explore!

Be Inspired...continue on your journey of learning...connect with other educators and leaders. Let's advocate together for children's right to play in high quality programs! Become a Protector of Play and get ready to be Inspired through Play!!!


How often do you add new content?

Monthly! We understand that inspiration is not an “all at once” thing. Some months we need more inspiration than others. No matter what you’re membership is with us, you will get new ideas and access to new resources every month.  The more I’m inspired by our community…the more you get! You will be able to access all our resources at anytime, so don’t worry if you missed something or didn’t have time to look through everything. It will all be there for you when you need some inspiration!

What if I need to cancel my membership? 

Don’t worry; you can cancel your membership at any time, just go into your account and cancel your subscription, or just send an email to tina@inspiredmindsecc.ca.

Although, we don’t want you to leave, we understand that sometimes things happen and we need to make changes to our lives. Come back when you can!

Why should I pay for the VIP Memberships?

VIP memberships are perfect for those that want a little more from our community. We designed the 3 levels of membership to  meet everyone’s needs.  Our basic membership is designed to keep you connected and inspired.

VIP memberships go the extra step and are designed to help you on your learning journey by including numerous continuous learning sessions and events (professional development). And of course…discounts to all our services and with our affiliated partners.

I’m a day home provider, will a membership meet my needs?

Absolutely! We recognize that care for our children come in a variety of programs – facility based, private family day homes, licensed family day homes, preschool programs, Montessori programs and out of school care programs!

Membership is even great for students and family members! After all, “it takes a village to raise a child,” and the more people that want to learn more about how to apply theory and research to practical application, the better!

Can I pay yearly, or is it just monthly?

Yes! Yearly VIP Memberships are available! Just click on the “join here” button and select your payment option.

There are also group discount rates! So, get a group of educators together to get a discount on memberships!