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We are so excited to announce our new leadership and management training program at Inspired Minds ECC. We have consulted with some of the best and bringing that information, knowledge and practical strategies to you!

Who is the Leadership & Management training designed to support?

Our training and leadership workshops are design specifically for two audiences:

  1. Early childhood owners, operators, directors and assistant directors in leadership and management roles.

We know that there is very limited support for early childhood leaders and that many in this field feel isolated and without a sounding board or access to expert advice.  Come to learn and connect with experts in our field who can provide operational expertise and real world experience.    We will cover a variety of topics from operational tasks and HR (human resource) responsibilities to leadership and communication strategies that build on high quality programs and teams.

  1. Early Childhood Educators who would like to move into Leadership.

Are you ready to move ahead in your career?  Do you have years of experience in the classroom yet you lack the knowledge and experience to transition into leadership?  These courses are a perfect way to learn what it takes to excel in leadership and to build the practical skills to move into management. 

What is the format of the trainings?

  • Monthly leadership and management topics
  • 3-hour session; completed in 3, 1-hour increments
    • Week 1: Training Part 1 (1 hour)
    • Week 2: training Part 2 (1 hour)
    • Week 3: Break – Time to implement those practices and strategies
    • Week 4: Training Part 3 (1 hour)
  • Dates: Please refer to our ‘events’ page for dates
  • Times: 12:00 – 1:00 PM
  • Investment: $75.00 +GST per 3-hour session

Who will deliver the training?

Inspired Minds ECC has collaborated with Allyson Bonkowski, Owner of Childcare MBA, Global Aware Children’s Care and YEG Summer Camp to deliver a series of online training sessions to be delivered throughout 2023. 

Welcome Allyson!

Allyson Bonkowski is a creator, communicator and problem solver.  Allyson graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing).  Her first “real” job was in Sales and Marketing with IBM Canada.  After several years at IBM, Allyson moved to Chicago to complete an MBA at one of the world’s top business schools (Kellogg School of Management).  After a stint of being a San Francisco-based management consultant flying across the States to advise large companies on HR (Human Resources) strategy, Allyson left to follow her passion of making a personal and meaningful difference in the lives of women in children.  You could call this a “sharp right turn!” 

As part of the “sharp right turn” Allyson moved back to her hometown of Edmonton and co-founded a non-profit organization in Romania that rescued children from orphanages and placed them in loving homes.  While the arrival of her two children (now in University), reduced her travel schedule, the goal to help children remained.

It was this passion to help children that fueled her entrepreneurial adventure to start Global Aware Children’s Care Ltd in 2012.  Although Allyson had no experience in the early childhood field, she saw the great need for Out of School Care in south Edmonton.  Within the first year of opening, Allyson was operating one of Edmonton’s largest Out of School Care programs with well over 100 children.  Global Aware Care continued to grow quickly and ten years later, there are four Edmonton locations with a team of 60 people who care for more than 350 children each day. 

Allyson’s latest venture “Childcare MBA” combines her education, corporate experience and childcare startup adventures.  Allyson knows that leadership is both an opportunity and a responsibility.  It is filled with much joy and creativity but it can also be lonely and stressful.  Allyson’s goal is to educate, inspire and encourage every childcare leader to joyfully perform to the best of their ability each and every day!

What kind of topics will be covered?

Leadership and Management workshop topics include:

  • Attracting & Retaining an All-Star Staff Team: Proven Strategies that Work!
  • Effective Team Communication
  • Collective Leadership Strategies
  • Mentoring and Coaching your team to success
  • Team building
  • Leading with Advocacy: Ethics and Professionalism
  • Building Positive relationships with families
  • Conflict resolution in the workplace 
  • Creating a positive work culture 
  • Strategic HR Policies the Work!

Are these courses eligible for Professional Development reimbursement?

Yes! All of our workshops are approved for PD funding to eligible participants in Alberta.

Upcoming Schedule for 2023

January: Introduction to our Leader & Management Sessions; Top 5 Priorities for Childcare Leaders in 2023

February: Attracting and Retaining an All-Star Team

March: Communicating with Families

April: Conflict Resolution

May: Leadership and Coaching Strategies

June: Strategic HR Policies

Are there any Bonuses or Freebies?

  • VIP Leader Members with Inspired Minds ECC receive a 15% discount on all trainings and FREE resources for leaders and managers!
  • VIP Leader Members also get additional webinars and trainings (not available to the public).
  • All workshop participants and VIP Leaders will also have access to our Private Facebook Leadership group, a place to ask questions and be connected to other early childhood leaders across Alberta!
  • Annual Leadership Event!
  • Leadership Summer Book Club