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Finding the right training and development workshop for your program and team members can be a challenge. 

Does you organizational training goals match individual training goals? 

Do your team members have a say as to what trainings they want?

Do you engage in training as a team or individually? 

What delivery method works best for my team?

Not sure about the answers to these questions?

We’re here to help!  

We deliver high quality professional development workshops on a variety of topics in early childhood learning and development and best practices.  This list is constantly being added to as we develop and explore new topics that would benefit you. Our workshops are designed to inspire, educate and motivate through fun and engaging strategies and activities. Our workshops are hands-on…so get ready to learn through Play, spend some time reflecting on your own practices and learn some key strategies of how you can continue on your learning journey! Our interactive workshops provide practical strategies that go ‘Beyond the Basics’ and can be quickly and easily incorporated into your program. We bridge the gap between theory and practical application so that every educator feels supported on their own learning journeys as early childhood educators. Our goal is to help your program, educators and the children in your care THRIVE! 

All of our workshops include workshop handouts, resources and certificates of participation. Join the fun!

Let’s start by making sure your getting the workshops your whole team looks forward to! Download this FREE training and development needs analysis survey to get your team’s input on what training they would like!

Select Your Learning Path

Community Workshops & Webinars

Looking to attend a workshop in your community? Or an online webinar that you can take from the comfort of your home? You found it! Our Community Workshops do just that! Start your learning journey with Inspired Minds ECC and get ready to feel inspired! Customize your journey with a large selection of workshops and webinars.

Team Workshops & Webinars

Are you an early learning and childcare organization looking for some professional development and training sessions for your team? Our Team Workshops are just what you need! Stay at your program and let us come to you! Let’s work together to create some AMAZING sessions your team will LOVE!

Workshop & Webinar Topics

At Inspired Minds ECC, we strive to provide your team with the professional development resources, services, support and the knowledge they need to continue their advocacy for young children and high-quality childcare programs.  All our workshops are hands-on, interactive workshops that provide practical strategies that go ‘Beyond the Basics’ and can be quickly and easily incorporated into your program.  Our workshops include strategies, hands on activities, and reflective discussions. Our workshops are geared towards adults working with children ages 6mo -12 years and are available in OSC focused format as well. Workshops & Webinars are 2-hours, unless otherwise noted. All workshops can be extended to 3-hours to provide your team with a more detailed look into strategies, tools and in-depth reflective discussions. Online or in-person delivery available.

Workshops to Inspire Your Learning Journey

    • Active Listening: Surviving Difficult Conversations with Positive Outcomes
    • Adventures of Play: Exploring Risky Play
    • Approaches to Play: Exploring Play Schemas
    • NEW 2024! Anti-Biased Celebrations: Understanding the Anti-Biased Approach to Celebrations in the Early Learning Environment
    • Beautiful Oopsies: Exploring the Creativity of Open-Ended Art Experiences
    • Brain Architecture Game: The Powerful Role of Positive Relationships with Young Children
    • Build It Up! Designing Creative Block Play Experiences and Play Spaces
    • Building Stronger Team Together: Effective Team Communication in Early Child Care Programs
    • Caring Connections: Interactions that Matter
    • Curiosity and Wonder of Treasure Baskets: Infant and Toddler Play Explorations
    • Creating Magical Spaces: Inspiring Early Childhood Environments
    • DAP Trivia Time: Understanding Best Practices in Child Care
    • NEW 2024! Exploring Hygge: Creating Spaces that Foster Happiness, a Sense Belonging and Togetherness
    • Finding Calm in the Chaos: Importance of Self Care for Early Childhood Educators
    • AVAILALE FALL 2024! Image of the Educator: Identifying who you are as a Professional ECE
    • Inspiring Curiosity to Play: Creating Provocations to Play
    • Laughter and Learning with ABCs: Creating Joy through Language and Literacy Play Experiences
    • Let’s Be Friends: Bullying Awareness with SEL
    • Let’s Move! Including Movement & Active Play Everyday
    • Look at Me Grow! Celebrating Children’s Growth and Learning Through Children’s Journals, Stories and Portfolios
    • Managing Stress: Finding Balance at Work and in Life
    • Mighty Transitions: Discovering Transitions that Work
    • No Waiting! Get Them Shaking: Learning Effective Transition Strategies
    • Ooey Gooey Messy Fun! Designing Sensational Sensory Experiences
    • AVAILABLE FALL 2024! Protectors of Play: Valuing Play in the Early Learning Years
    • Redefining Circle Time: Moving Beyond Adult Directed Group Times with Young Children
    • Rocks and Sticks and Wonderful Things! Creative Outdoor Play Experiences for Young Children
    • Shake, Rattle and Roll! Creative Music and Movement Experiences for Young Children
    • Storytime Success: Creating Memories Through Storytelling
    • The Inner Child! Developing the Spiritual Well-Being of Every Child
    • The Magic of Loose Parts: Promoting Play with Loose Parts
    • The ME, The You, The We: Facilitating Social Emotional Learning
    • The World is a Stage! Inspiring Creativity through Dramatic Play
    • Tinkering and Toying with STEM: Exploration and Discovery Through STEM, STEAM & STREAM
    • We All Belong: Inclusive Practices in the Early Years
    • We Are Family! Building Stronger Connections with Families
    • What a Wonderful World: Creating Culturally Diverse Environments in Child Care
    • Where the Wild Things Are: Providing Active Supervision
    • Which Way to the Brain? Brain Smart Strategies to Support Early Learning and Development

Understanding & Guiding Children's Behaviours Workshops

  • From Crying to Smiling: Understanding Children’s Behaviours
  • NEW! The Third Teacher: Creating Responsive Environments to Support Children’s Behaviours
  • The Daily Struggle: Facilitating Conflict Resolution
  • Know No No’s: An Introduction to Understanding Positive Guidance (3 hours)

Emergent & Play-Based Curriculum Workshops

  • Unlocking the Magic of Emergent Curriculum: An Introduction to the Emergent Curriculum Approach (Also available in the extended version; 6 hours)
  • Observing Play with Intention: Enriching your Emergent Curriculum Approach
  • Playful Planning: Enriching your Emergent Curriculum Approach
  • Reflections of Playful Learning: Enriching your Emergent Curriculum Approach

Leadership Workshops

Each Leadership Workshop is 3 hours.

  • Attracting & Retaining an All-Star Team: Proven Strategies that Work
  • Bringing the Village Together: Team Building Practices for Early Childhood Organizations (2 hours)
  • Building Positive Relationships with Families: Leadership Strategies to Enhance your Relationships with Families
  • HR Success for Child Care: Building Leading Edge HR Manuals for your Childcare Program
  • Leadership Through Connection: Practical Leadership and Coaching Strategies for Early Childhood Leaders 
  • Leading with Advocacy: Professionalism and Ethics for Early Childhood Leaders
  • Leading Your Team to Success: Collective Leadership for Early Childhood Leaders
  • Managing Conflict with Your Team: Conflict Management Strategies for Leaders 
  • Mentoring and Coaching Your Team to Success: Effective Coaching and Mentoring Practices for Early Childhood Leaders

Professional Development Funding (Alberta)

Professional development funding is available to early childhood educators holding a valid Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 certification and working within a licensed facility-based child care program and licensed family day home agencies. Funding supports include:

  • Post-secondary coursework and workbooks: Up to $1500/year
  • Workshops and conferences: Up to $500/year

Paid Release Time Grant

The paid release time grant allows educators to be paid for time while studying, completing post-secondary coursework, and attending approved workshops and conferences.

Funding rates for early childhood educators are:

  • $800 per post-secondary course
  • $17.50 per hour (for up to 45 hours per year) for workshops and conferences

Funding rates for programs to offset wage related expenses:

  • $60 per post-secondary course
  • $1.33 per hour (for up to 45 hours) for workshops and conferences


Professional development grant funding is available to ECEs who are paid employees, who meet the following requirements:

  • provide direct child care, including program supervisors (as defined in the Early Learning and Child Care Regulation), as well as individuals hired by licensed family day home agencies as agency coordinators or home visitors/consultants.
  • Certified as Early Childhood Educators, Level 1, 2, or 3
  • Canadian citizens or official Permanent Residents of Canada
  • worked at least 29 hours in at least one month from the date of the expenditure or the date the application was received.
  • submitted a Professional Development Funding Request Form, and made a payment for the course, workshop or conference within the same fiscal year.

For more information, or to apply for  PD Funding, please visit https://www.alberta.ca/alberta-child-care-grant-funding-program.aspx

or email Alberta Child Care Grant Funding at cs.childcarefunding@gov.ab.ca

Download the Alberta Child Care Grant Funding Guide

Want a workshop that is specifically geared to school age children or infants and toddlers?  We have it!  All of our workshops are also available in OSC/BAS Focused and Infant/Toddler Focused versions. 

Contact Tina to learn more about our custom workshop options.

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